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The Ecological Land Trust

Agroecology: farming and nature hand in hand

The Ecological Land Trust (ELT), registered charitable incorporated organisation, number 1158032, is expressly focused on wildlife and habitat conservation, ecology and biodiversity at our Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) sites across England and Wales. The land is managed and farmed ecologically by our steward members with the support of the ELC in buying the land, gaining planning permission and establishing key infrastructure. Now, we are looking for support for the work of the ELT to continue and increase the important conservation work we do at each of our sites.

As a registered charity, The Ecological Land Trust welcomes donations for this vital work via the Ecological Land Cooperative's Paypal Giving Account

The Ecological Land Cooperative's work brings together agricultural production and ecological restoration. Our farmers improve and safeguard the soil whilst producing good, healthy food, medicine, fibre and fuel. Productivity, efficiency and financial viability of a farm enterprise do not need to come at the expense of our precious wildlife, the health of the soil and ultimately the health of ourselves and our future generations. Our model is proof that the two can work hand in hand - our steward members making a living from their land, feeding themselves and the local community and harvesting the abundant resources on offer whilst in return living lightly on the land, nurturing it and protecting it

This pursuit is part of our wider goal that sees people and nature co-existing. Protecting our sites for ecological agricultural also means creating a refuge and space for wildlife — the source and succour of inspiration and biodiversity in a countryside constrained and stressed by a monocultural mindset.

Your support is vital for our conservation work — please help us restore and revive our rural landscape.
Some forms of conventional agriculture have put a strain on our soil and wildlife and we work to change that. Our model of ecological agriculture works with nature, not against it. Our first site, Greenham Reach, in Mid-Devon, is home to three thriving small farms and an expanding mix of plants and wildlife.  
As noted in the Ecological Assessment of Greenham Reach, land that was once pasture and arable fields considered of little ecological value now hosts a structural diversity for wildlife and a massive source of nectar and pollen for flower-feeding invertebrates. Meadow brown, Common blue, the Gatekeeper, and Small Skipper are just some of the Butterflies occupying the species rich grasses at Greenham Reach.

On our East Sussex site, soils that grew a monocultural maize crop are responding gratefully to our work. Silver-studded blue butterflies, buzzards, goldfinches and buntings have returned. Soil fertility is slowly but surely recovering and with it life is returning. We have plenty more work to do to bring the site into good heart once again - with new steward members moved on and setting up their farming enterprises we can't wait to see the transformation unfold.

With your help we can carry out the following vital conservation work across our sites:

  • Tree planting
  • Hedge restoration
  • Pond creation
  • Habitat creation
  • Bird, bat & bug boxes

Donations raised by the Trust are spent directly on conservation and ecological improvement on our sites.

Bake a cake or run a race

We invite you, our members, to dedicate your next marathon race, swimathon, bake sale, sponsored silence to the Ecological Land Trust and help us fund the vital conservation work on our farm land. Get in touch with our fundraiser Cathy at if you have an idea you need help with or want to find out more.

The objectives of the charitable trust are to support sustainable development in England and Wales, specifically the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment. You can view the Ecological Land Trust's annual returns to the Charity Commission here.