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Ecological Land Trust is Wonderful

Ecological Land Trust is Wonderful

Yes, Trust. The keen-eyed of you will have spotted a difference in the name of our charitable trust dedicated to the repairing of wildlife habitats on farmlands in England and Wales. 

The Ecological Land Trust repairs and restores wildlife habitats on farmland in England and Wales. We do this work because for the past four decades much of Britain's agricultural land has been depleted by over-use and contaminated with agri-chemicals. Many farmland species, pollinators and habitats have been lost or are severely threatened.

We always work on sites of 20-35 acres purchased by our parent organisation, the Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC). Staff and volunteers flail mow and mulch fields to restore fertility to the soil and undo compaction, plant herbal leys, graze sheep, re-plant hedgerows and trees and restore ponds for wildlife. The sites are then leased to new farmers for sustainable farming which works within the natural environment. ELC’s farmers improve and safeguard soil fertility and ecosystems, sell healthy produce locally and revitalise rural communities.

The first site we renewed was 22 acres of Devon farmland bought by ELC in 2011. Today it is home to three thriving small farms as well as a site of significant local importance for biodiversity. On ELC’s East Sussex site, soils that grew monocultural maize for many years are responding gratefully to our work. Silver-studded blue butterflies, buzzards, goldfinches, buntings have returned and soil fertility is recovering with more organic matter. Three ecological farmers are expected to start farming on the East Sussex site this year, ensuring regeneration continues. We are also currently restoring ELC sites in Somerset and South Wales. 

Any donations that the Trust receives are spent directly on conservation and ecological improvement work on our sites and excitingly - you can use the Wonderful portal to raise money for us through a bake sale, sporting challenge, choir performance, whatever you fancy!

Contact our fundraiser Mary on if you'd like any more info.

Find out more and donate here.