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One Planet Development at Furzehill

For our site 'Furzehill' on Gower, South Wales we will be applying for planning permission using the One Planet Development planning policy.

One Planet Development (OPD) is a planning policy unique to Wales that allows you to live on agricultural land provided you create a land-based enterprise which meets the household's basic needs whilst also meeting strict ecological criteria with residents living a 'one planet' life. This is very much in line with the Ecological Land Cooperative’s model and existing criteria. 

This forward-thinking planning policy enables a genuinely sustainable way for people to live and work on their own land. It was adopted by the Welsh government in 2011 as part of its One Wales: One Planet scheme. The objective is that Wales should use only its fair share of the earth’s resources with the footprint of its citizens drawing down to 1.88 global hectares per person.

 If you'd like to read more about the OPD policy, the voluntary body One Planet Council run by OPD practitioners is a great resource - check out their website here.