Operation Windbreak

While all of us have been aware of the unpredictable and often unseasonal weather that 2021 has brought, our new stewards at Arlington have had to battle with high wind and storms while preparing their sites ready for the growing season. As the trees and hedges that have been planted to provide shelter are still getting established there has been little to protect the recently built polytunnels and packing sheds, seedlings and crops from damage. 

After a particularly destructive storm in March the farmers came up an impressive long-term solution combining of artificial windbreaks made of strong netting and the planting of wind tolerant trees like sea buckthorn and laurel, and green privet for all year round protection. 

Our thanks go to the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust and an anonymous donor who have supported Operation Windbreak; both of these supporters are making such a difference to the success of these new farms and the livelihoods of our tenants.