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Opportunities for New Entrants to Farming


The Soil Association’s Future Growers programme has been training the next generation of organic growers since 2007. They provide a six month course of rich, farm-based training events, available to any aspiring grower to participate in. 

Manchester Farm Start. If you’re looking to make a gradual transition from community or allotment growing to commercial production, FarmStart offers the perfect opportunity to build up your skills and experiment with organic growing on a larger scale. It’s the UK’s very first farm incubator initiative! They’ve created a supported route into farming for brand new entrants, helping build a new generation of organic growers in the North West. FarmStart means that skilled and enthusiastic people from all backgrounds can build new careers in producing fresh, healthy, sustainable food for local markets. Find out more here

Groundspring Network welcomes beginner farmers and growers to the world of sustainable agriculture. Their role is to help show people starting out that they are part of a burgeoning movement of energetic, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people, signposting to the multitude of support and opportunities available. They are new entrant farmers and growers themselves, and are a branch of the Landworker’s Alliance (LWA), a spokesbody for small scale and family farms.