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UK Agroecology

This section of our website comprises an overview of research on ecological agriculture in the United Kingdom. Please note that we are currently in the process of bringing all the ecological agriculture resources over to our new site, please bear with us whilst we carry out this work.

The Ecological Land Cooperative commissioned this synopsis in order to inform our own ongoing work, and to provide an information resource to other interested parties. The information forms an overview of existing resources and ongoing research. The project was crowd funded via BuzzBnk.

This review has revealed that while there is a vast volume of existing literature on the science and politics of making agriculture and forestry more sustainable (in terms of soils, biodiversity, water management and pollution), and considerable literature on organic systems, very little research has been undertaken on the environmental, social and economic benefits of diverse, labour intensive, smaller scale ecological farms. To bring about a large scale shift towards agricultural sustainability, change must be implemented across all farms, and those that are unsustainable are most in need of research and information about how to improve their practices.

If it is to gain traction as a valuable contributor to the debate about the future of farming in the UK, the ecological farming movement must be backed up by a body of research to demonstrate its performance in terms of productivity, ecosystem services and contribution to the rural economy. This review highlights a number of existing and emergent initiatives working to meet this need.

This website is intended to complement other existing work in this area. In particular, the Permaculture Research Digest provides summaries of newly published permaculture-related research; while the Permaculture Association Knowledge Base is a substantial online resource on all things permaculture, suitable for both beginners and those researching technical information. The site is split into sections on permaculture ethics, principles, design approaches and useful information about almost 200 practical solutions.

Using the site

The site is split into sections to provide an easy to use information resource about agroecological research in the UK. You can find information about research institutions' projects and specialisms or search for specific research papers by topic. We've also compiled a directory of UK research institutions who engage with agroecological issues. You can read more about the background and context of this research in the about section.

This site is composed of a network of live links, forming an interactive portal to information about agroecological research in the UK. We do our upmost to keep both information and links up to date; if you find a broken link please tell us so we can fix it!

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