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Our Vision

To create a living, working countryside accessible to all...

We want to see a living, working countryside where land is valued as a way to enhance the good of community, countryside and the natural world. Revitalising rural economies, new entrants are supported into agriculture by making access to land a reality for all -- not just the few.

We want to see low-impact, land-based livelihoods flourish. The stewardship of land to create healthful, wholesome and ecologically sound food and land-based products that benefit people and the biosphere - now, and into the future.

Our Aims & Objectives

To enable future farmers to access land

Our mission is to provide affordable opportunities for ecological land-based businesses in England and Wales. We support rural regeneration by developing sites for farming, forestry and other rural enterprises which are viable and of benefit to the environment.

We demonstrate that marginal agricultural land can be managed to support the production of good, healthy and local food.
Our aim is to share land more equally amongst the population, helping revitalise rural communities by making land, food and jobs accessible to all.

We seek to redress the historical cause of concentrated land ownership in England and Wales by campaigning for policy change. We carry out long term research providing evidence of the benefits of low impact, ecological agriculture for people and land.

By purchasing land and subdividing it into a number of ecological residential smallholdings, this simple, practical solution helps create the necessary conditions for those seeking to pursue land-based livelihoods.

Our core objectives are:

    secure land for low impact, residential, agro-ecological smallholdings
    create low impact, residential, agro-ecological ‘starter farms’
    create rural jobs and employment
    carry out and publish research into the viability of small-scale, agro-ecological farm businesses
    identify and support new entrants to ecological agriculture
    campaign for policy change in food, planning and agricultural at local, regional and national levels
    to create research and data freely available online and accessible to all
    create opportunities for people and communities to have access to land and become involved in growing.

Our Values

Co-operation, ecological stewardship and a commonwealth of land, people and place…

The ELC is a community benefit society and membership organisation open to all. We create practical solutions to get ecological agriculture recognised and valued.

As a cooperative we stand for:

    the natural world, ecological diversity and the right to good, healthy food;
    food sovereignty, rural regeneration and the right to work the land;
    access for all to land based living;
    regeneration of landscapes and rural economies;
    empowering all people to live and lead low-impact lives should they choose to do so;
    co-operation, participation, and transparency;
    the right of future generations to inherit land managed ecologically and co-operatively;
    a landscape that supports a diversity of plants, animals and people to enjoy, benefit and to and care for now and for the future.

You can read the full rules of The Ecological Land Cooperative here